Property Management System
for Small to Mid-Size Hotels
Hotel ExtranetPMS for HotelsPMS for Small to Mid-Size Hotels

Reservation Management

Easy Reservations Tracking

Don't get weighed down by complex bookkeeping. Spend more time focusing on your guests.

Business Intelligence

View sales and operations at a glance. ONDA automatically analyzes your business performance and provides you with customized reports to maximize your revenue.

Availability Monitoring

Automatically update your inventory from other distribution channels with ONDA text message crawler. If you receive a message notification of a booking, it will automatically update in the PMS.

Card Payments

Simply enter your card number into our booking engine to receive payment. We support your business with reasonable fees.

Booking Plugin

Fully Connected Real-time Reservations

Receive bookings from all your customer touchpoints, including websites, Facebook, Instagram, and blogs. ONDA's booking plugin can be embedded anywhere.

Calendar or Date Function

Display your choice of a calendar or selected date in the booking window. You can instantly show the available room types in a gorgeous, photo-ready layout.

Special Pricing Tool

Easy Discount Feature

We spent hours of researched the commonly-used room rate patterns to provide you with all the tools you need to set channel specific discounts or special rates.

Time-Dependent Discounting

Let us do the work for you. Automatic discounts can be applied based on days before check-in or other conditions that you choose.

Additional Features for Hotel Owners

Reservation Plugin Pop-Up

Send your customers additional service information or push hotel extras anywhere you make reservations. Increase your non-room sales for maximum profit.

Payment Processing, Partial Refund Function

No credit card machine, no worries. Enter the credit card information into our payment system and also give partial refunds on the total bill to process guest payments.

Reservation Calendar Dashboard

View all your bookings in an easy-to-read calendar to understand and increase occupancy. Set your rates by day or week.

ONDA Mobile App

Anytime, Anywhere

Use our mobile app to schedule in real-time, automatically monitor availability with text messages, and manage your site. Easy to set up and even easier to control rates and discounts.

Free Website

Create a Website in Only 5 Minutes!

Do you need a hotel website? ONDA's reservation management platform allows you to set up a high quality free website immediately.


Automatic Distribution


Get reservations from domestic and international channels with ONDA's strong connections in the industry. With only one contract, ONDA helps you handle the sales from multiple OTAs.
※ Fee schedule agreement required

Weekly Payment

Don’t wait for money transfers or worry about complicated invoices. ONDA pays you after guest checkout every Friday.