Total reservation managing platform for your accommodation, ONDA Wave
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Integrated scheduling management platform

Conveniently manage reservations anytime, anywhere

All of today’s information on the dashboard

All of our today’s room information on the dashboard at a glance!
No need to go looking around for information to operate your accommodations anymore.
Your dashboard can access all information. You need only to focus on your customers.

Timelines that allow you to see even complex reservations at a glance

You can check and manage the reservation for each room at a glance on timeline chart.

ONDA Wave mobile anytime, anywhere

Even if you are away from your computer, you can easily manage your reservations via mobile.

Variety features of variety

accommodations at a glance.

Indicators entered in ONDA are systematically organized and indexed to provide helpful reports to help manage your accommodations.
(Scheduled for release in August ‘19)

Integrated management with one ID

Multiple accommodations can be managed using a single ID.

Capable to manage up to a bed at a time.

Can be used to reserve up to a single bed level, and can be used for guest houses and hostels.

Ways to attract repeat customers, offering booking engine!

The lowest priced products will show up at the top of the page Clean designs that can be used as a homepage of the hotel as it is, without any alterations. Try the high quality booking engine right now.

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'Easy payment' function prevents “No Shows”.

ONDA Pay allows payment using only the card information - for the easiest payment solution for your accommodations.
Twelve domestic cards and major international cards are accepted with reasonable fees.

More secure ONDA Pay

ONDA uses PCI/DSS, the global card payment security standard Making your billing information safer.

ONDA Sales Agent

ONDA Sales Agent

You can sell your accommodations on over 20 ONDA partner sites with just one contract.
※ Fee contract required

Weekly settlements

No complicated invoicing or fee deposit process is required for settlements. The settlement will be completed on following Friday of the last day of the stay.

Channel Manager(coming in upcoming October)

"Live sync" with global booking sites.

Manage thousands of booking sites conveniently on one ONDA PMS. Inventory and pricing, reservations, restrictions, Manage your plans conveniently.

Leave your overbooking worries behind with ONDA Channel Manager! ONDA's smart channel manager, built on multi-year experience, makes managing our accommodation easier


1. Create an account through membership registration.
2. Registration of hotel information using starter
3. Membership registration and housing registration are completed at the same time!

ONDA WAVE offers a variety of guides to make it simple and easy for anyone to use! To let you know how to use Friendly tips!

Simple and comfortable CS questionnaires much like using a messenger

Registered Frequently Asked Questions for quicker answers!

Frequently Asked Questions for Quick Answers

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