Online Sales Extranet Platform
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GDS sales Platform

Make sales in more than 20 different sales channels unlimited way!
You can make any kinds of rateplan on our Extranet system

Notificaion service

When reservation happens, we will notify you with Email,Fax and SMS
*May not be possible due to region

White lable

We can add your company logo for White Lable service.

Simple reservation list

You can list up the reservation with any filter.
Do not make mistakes by adding notes on the reservation.

Easy rate and availability settings.

Having a hard time updating rates and inventories?
Save your time! You can do this within 1 minute.

​Create Packages

Include breakfast, with tickets, and late check-out. You can make any kinds of packages and rateplan on our Extranet.

Auto translate

Having trouble updating contents on other countries?

​ONDA Easysell will automatically translate it into Chinese, English, and Korean.


GDS Sales

With ONDA, make online sales with varieties of sales channels.
*Possible sales channel may differ depending on the property type.

Just one contract with ONDA, you can make sales to many sales channel.
*Commission contract or Net price base contract needed

Weekly settlement

You do not have to send out an invoice or create one, we do settlement every week and we can also provide you Virtual Credit Card.